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Help For the Childproofing Nightmares

“I feel like my son is a caged lion,” lamented a tired mom I recently spoke with.  Hmmm.  How so?

Apparently her little whippersnapper of a 2.5 year old is well-versed in hiding.

And roaming around.

In the middle of the night.

She explained that he had been a crib jumper and because of the crib tent recalls, she felt the only option was moving him out of the crib just after his second birthday.  [I advise clients not to rush the big bed…keeping your child in the crib until at least age 3 is preferable.]

She quickly realized that a two year old on the loose, in the middle of the night, was a recipe for disaster.  So she put up a gate in his bedroom doorway.

He climbed over the gate.

So she doubled up and put another one on top.  (Ahh, the caged lion…)

Last time we spoke, it was deterring him, but sometimes came loose and toppled onto his head. (Her husband is a self-professed un-handyman and repeatedly explained to her that the gates would probably not stay up…)

I gently suggested that perhaps they hire a professional.  (You were thinking that too, right?)

We often joke about childproofing…



…but it’s obviously a very serious subject.  An article was recently published in USA Today about the importance of childproofing…the right way.

Parents always ask me about preparing their child’s bedroom for the increased independence their child will have after moving from a crib to a big bed.  Remember to secure bookcases and tall or narrow dressers to the wall with brackets, cover electrical outlets and store electrical cords. (It’s helpful to move favorite books or other items to the lowest shelf of a bookcase so that your child isn’t tempted to climb!) And if you store creams, other medicines, scissors or nail clippers in one of your child’s drawers, best put those in a safer place. BUT, I’m not a professional childproofer, and I’m sure there are other elements that need to be addressed–like the rest of the house!–and each home has unique features to consider.

A&H Childproofers is a great resource for parents.  Not only is Arvey Levinsohn the only Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer in the state of Illinois and a member of the International Association for Child Safety and therefore fully capable of childproofing your home, but he is interested in educating parents on safety.  He will come to your home for a FREE Home Safety Evaluation for an hour of educational time to offer recommendations on childproofing for:

  • Stairs–all types of gates for all types of staircases, without damaging banister
  • Kitchen–cabinet and drawers locks
  • Bathroom–toilet seat lid lock, spout cover for bathtub, foam edging
  • Windows and doors–cord safety, doorknob locks, window locks
  • Electrical outlets–self closing and cord organizers
  • Furniture–brackets for tip prevention, foam and corner edging
  • Fireplaces–hearth gates, hinged fireplace doors, foam hearth guard edging (this one is often forgotten by parents!)
  • Balconies and decks–plexi-glass for railings
  • And also points out potentially harmful house/garden plants and trees and household products

According to the owner, Arvey Levinsohn, “Most products we use cannot be found in stores.  All meet or exceed standards of the International Association for Child Safety.”  They use the good stuff.

“I only turned my back for a second!” is one of the statements most often heard by ER doctors when parents bring their little ones in after an accident.  If you feel overwhelmed by the list of items in your home that needs to be childproofed, call in a professional to explain what you actually need to keep your child safe.  You don’t want to end up in the ER with a preventable accident.

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I’m excited to share that A&H Childproofers is offering a FREE Home Safety Evaluation AND, for friends of Sleep Training Solutions, a 20% discount off of services.  Simply call (847) 650-2519 or email and mention code NATHAN.

Disclaimer: I do not work for A&H Childproofers, nor am I getting any compensation for writing this post.  I just like sharing info on companies that I believe are helping parents be better parents.

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