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Book Review: I Sleep in My Own Bed

I’m always looking for good bedtime stories, especially ones that focus on a good bedtime routine or why a child should sleep in his own bed.

Well, I found one!

I Sleep in My Own Bed, written and illustrated by Glenn Wright, gives children several reasons why their room is the best place to sleep and why all of the other places in the house are clearly less desirable!

What I really like about this book is that while it is geared toward parents who are ready to transition away from co-sleeping to having their child sleep in his or her own room, it doesn’t focus ONLY on mom and dad’s bed.  The little boy in the story explains why sleeping on the couch or in a sibling’s room wouldn’t be very comfortable or relaxing, but then goes on to why silly places (like the refrigerator, garage and dog house) wouldn’t work either.  By the end of the book, the focus has been drawn away from sleeping with mom and dad because of all the other places the character has explored.

I also like the story behind why the author wrote the book (hint: he’s speaking from experience!) and the sweet dedication at the beginning:

To Bradley Evan Wright…
Daddy loves you,
no matter where you rest your head.

I will warn you that there is a page with 2 cartoon-y monsters standing outside the bedroom door…if your child is afraid of monsters (or that is exactly WHY your child doesn’t like sleeping in his or her own room), maybe you could slyly skip page 28.  I’ve also heard of parents who use funny monsters in a book to show their children how not scary (and not real) monsters are…but you know your child best whether that would backfire or not!

All in all, this is a great book if you are trying to transition your child out of your bed, or you get repeated requests from your child to sleep in places other their his or her room.  It would be very appropriate to incorporate into the bedtime routine (skipping the monster page if that would be helpful in your situation) or pull out and read as needed every once in a while.  It’s a quick read and a fun story that inspires children to want to sleep in their own rooms.

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