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Personal Trainers for Sleep Issues

I am often asked the question, “So what are you up to these days?” In the carpool
line at one of my sons’ schools…bumping into an acquaintance at Costco…or
seeing a neighborhood friend when I’m out walking our dog. “Well…” and I tell
them about Sleep Training Solutions.

Most of my friends are very excited, especially those with older kids who say they
wished something like this was available when their children were younger!  But
there’s always someone who plays the devil’s advocate, wondering why parents
can’t just get their kids to sleep on their own. (This is usually a person who was
lucky enough to get a “good” sleeper from an early age, or has a nanny who either
gets up in the middle of the night or watches the child during the day so she can
nap!)  To that person, I usually ask this question:

Why do people hire personal trainers at the gym?

People know how to exercise. Oftentimes, they just need the expertise and
motivation that only a personal trainer can offer to target a particular problem
area. You get results sooner from a trained professional who will keep you on
your plan and motivate you to stay with the program, even when you want
to give up.

This is why tired moms and dads hire a certified sleep consultant. They want
results—SLEEP—fast! They also want to teach their baby or child the proper
sleep techniques early in life so that they have healthy sleep habits in the future.

Just like a personal trainer at the gym, I give my clients a personalized plan
based on their individual situation and can make changes to the plan depending
on how the child responds. I can help with all types of sleep issues and can
customize a plan that will work well for their unique situation and family

The icing on the cake is the follow-up support. Just as a personal trainer at
the gym meets with you regularly to keep you on track, I give my clients
follow up support via phone and email.  This enables me to troubleshoot any
issues that arise during the training and answer any questions that the parents

And this is a BIG difference between personal trainers and sleep consultants:
It can take MONTHS of exercising to see the benefits of your efforts and to start
feeling healthier.  With a sleep consultant, depending on the age of your child,
you will see DRAMATIC results in your child’s sleep within DAYS. Within the
first 2 weeks, many children have adapted to the new routine and are going to
sleep and waking up in the morning at an appropriate time, with no (or reduced)
night-wakings and long and restful naps.

So that’s what I’m up to these days. Helping tired parents get back their evenings,
reduce the stress and frustration around bedtime and get a good nights’ rest.
I love my job :)


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