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Is your baby a catnapper? 4 tips to extend short naps

One of the biggest issues parents have – besides getting their babies to fall asleep independently and stay asleep – is having short naps. I consider anything under an hour to be a short nap in most cases, but I see a lot of parents who have babies sleeping 20-30 minutes for each nap, and […]

5 Tips to Make Short Naps LONGER!

Wondering how to get your baby to take longer naps? Want to know what’s causing those 20 minute power naps? (Although she isn’t seeming completely rested after that short nap, so it isn’t really a “power nap”!) Do you want to know how to fix these mini naps so your baby can get the rest […]

How Can I Get My Baby to Take Longer Naps?

Do you spend a long time trying to get your baby down for a nap…and then it only lasts 20 minutes?! Is your baby cranky when he wakes up from his naps and you know he needs more sleep? Do you have a very specific routine you follow to get him down for naps? Maybe […]