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Newborns…adorable but EXHAUSTING!

Sleeping baby

Moms take many of the prenatal classes offered – Baby Care 101, Intro to Breastfeeding, prenatal yoga – even enlisting significant others for Daddy Bootcamp.

But a missing link to the prenatal class agenda is Newborn Sleep!

New parents lose between 400-750 hours of sleep during baby’s first year of life (which is the equivalent of losing 50-94 full 8-hour nights of sleep!) – to say that affects stay-at-home moms and those returning to work is an understatement!

During these first 3-4 weeks, it’s about your recovery from childbirth and getting to know your little one, while getting sleep in whatever way possible! Once you’re starting to adjust to having your little one home, the Newborn Foundations Package can help you be proactive with your newborn’s sleep and minimize bad sleep habits from developing.


This package is designed for parents of 4-10 week olds to give you a foundation for setting your newborn up to have healthy sleep habits. Remember, this isn’t a sleep training package – the earliest you can start sleep training is 4-6 months, depending on health and weight of your baby !

This package includes three phone calls:

One 45-minute call to discuss:

  • 3 goals to work towards in these first few months to encourage your baby not to be dependent on sleep props
  • How to start getting your baby used to sleeping in the crib or bassinet (instead of being held or always in the swing)
  • Routines for bedtime and naps and a starting to work towards a schedule to separate day and night
  • How to set up nursery for optimal sleep
  • What’s normal for newborn sleep and what to expect

Two 15-minute follow-up calls 

*Email support can also be added to this package.
The investment for the Newborn Foundations Package is $175.


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Kim, I took all the classes and read all the books, and I quickly realized how much I didn’t know about infant sleep. Those first few weeks (months!) are so hard, but you helped make them easier. You gave me the guidelines so I would know what I should be doing (and how to avoid all those “traps” that new moms fall into like using the swing all the time or holding your baby for each nap). I knew that what we were teaching her now would pay off later so she would be a healthier sleeper – and we would all be getting more sleep soon! Thank you for helping us teach her to be such an amazing sleeper!

Kate P., mom to 8 week old
Chicago, IL


Kim, I didn’t know how I was going to go back to work after maternity leave waking up every hour.  Working with you before I headed back to work was the best thing I could’ve done – I enjoyed the last couple of weeks of maternity leave so much more since I was getting more sleep and I could function at work when I got back. And the best part is that my baby loves sleeping in his crib. A miracle after him only sleeping on me for so long :) Thank you!!!

Casey R., mom to 9 week old
New York City, NY



In addition to working with parents 1-to-1, I also partner up with organizations to provide education for moms (and dads)-to-be and new parents so that they can avoid developing bad sleep habits from the beginning and get their little ones sleeping through the night faster when they’re developmental ready to do so.

I offer these classes and seminars for:

  • Corporate Wellness Initiatives to complement their current (or developing) programs
  • Pediatrician offices
  • OBGYN offices
  • Nursery schools
  • Daycares
  • New mom’s groups


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