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Behavioral vs Medical Sleep Problems in Infants and Children

I get a lot of calls that start with, “I don’t know if you can help with this…” or “I’m at my wits end and don’t know how to fix my child’s sleep problems…” The very first thing I do when talking with these sleep deprived moms (and dads) is to make sure that the […]

The Totally Gross Birthday Party

This post has nothing to do with sleep. Or helpful parenting products, services or books like a few of my latest posts. BUT it is a post on a topic that every parent thinks about at least once a year (depending on how many kids you have). BIRTHDAYS. Every year I struggle with the birthday […]

Snoring and Problem Behaviors in Children

According to a new study in Pediatrics, preschoolers with loud and persistent snoring are more likely to have depression, hyperactivity and inattention.  This is the first study of its kind for this age group, and the results make sense.  When children are sleep deprived–because of a late bedtime, early rising or nightwakings–side effects can be […]

Product Recall Information for Baby and Children Products

Today, 4 million Bumbo baby seats are being voluntarily recalled due to potential fall hazard.  If you have a Bumbo, here is a link to see if your baby seat is affected by the recall. If it is, they will send you a restraint belt and a new warning sticker to affix over the old […]

10 Back to School Sleep Tips

It’s that time of year again…getting ready for another school year is fun and exciting with the new clothes, backpacks and school supplies, but adjusting to the “school” sleep schedule can take some fun out of the whole experience! When a child is sleep deprived and not getting the appropriate amount of sleep for his/her […]

The End of Naptime…A Sad Day!

The end of nap time is a sad (sad!) day. For the last few years, you’ve had a couple of daytime hours to get things done around the house, catch up on Facebook, or call a friend without the constant interruptions!  And now that time is gone…or is it? When toddlers and preschoolers drop their […]

Why a child will throw his beloved lovey out of the crib!?

I remember this game all too well!  My son would throw his favorite lovey (a turtle, aptly named Turtle) out of the crib repeatedly as soon as I put him into his crib for bedtime (or naptime). This was pre-sleep training, so I didn’t have the knowledge back then to deal with this situation properly. […]

Can Children Develop a Sleep Debt?

Imagine walking around all day carrying a backpack loaded with bricks.  That is the analogy most often used to explain a sleep debt. Each night that you either go to bed an hour later, or get up an hour earlier, will result in a brick being added to your “backpack.”  But we aren’t usually talking […]

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day 2008. At that time, my youngest was 6 months old and still waking 3 or 4 times during the night. I dreaded sundown. Feeling like everyone else in the world was going to get a good night sleep, except me. It felt like I was living Groundhog Day…sleepless nights following by sleepy days. It […]

The Big Question

If you are reading this blog, there are two things I am fairly certain about: that you are a parent (or caregiver) and you have (or know) a child who is a less than stellar sleeper. What I’m not so certain about is what you would like to see on this blog. Would you prefer […]