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Why is night 1 of sleep training so hard?

When babies and toddlers aren’t sleeping, no one in the house is sleeping well. So what’s stopping these tired parents from teaching their babies to sleep through the night? The process of sleep training – particularly what will happen on Night 1 – is too daunting a prospect to think about starting! I want to […]

Are you nervous about transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup?

If you’re like most parents, you’ve got a bit of anxiety about making the switch from a bottle to a sippy cup. But I want to help you get through this process when you and your pediatrician have made the decision that your toddler is ready. Here are some of the concerns parents tell me they […]

I want to start sleep training, but…

When I talk with new families who are interested in sleep training, half are ready to get started…yesterday! And the other half have some objection they need to work through first. In their minds, they’re thinking, “I know my child isn’t getting enough sleep, I’m certainly sleep deprived too, my marriage is affected because we’re […]

When are babies ready to give up feeding at night?

Wondering when your baby will stop waking for the night feeds and start sleeping 10-12 hours at night? There isn’t a black and white answer but from the pediatricians that I’ve talked with over the last several years, there is a general consensus that babies should be healthy, have doubled their birth weight and be at […]

Is Sleep Training Around the Holidays a Good Idea?

Wondering if sleep training during the holidays is a good idea? For many, this is a season of happiness and hope, but if you’ve got a baby who’s up every hour or two, you’re probably not in a very festive mood…which is why a lot of families think about starting sleep training this time of […]

5 Important Things to Remember When Traveling With a Baby or Toddler

Travelling with a baby or toddler can be overwhelming! On numerous occasions I’ve heard of parents that have either figured out a complex plan of grandparents and sitters staying with the baby so they can go out of town for a wedding, etc or (gulp!), they decide not to take the trip at all. I’m here […]

7 Mistakes Smart Moms Make with Sleep Training

These sleep training mistakes are very common, especially when parents are trying to sleep train on their own. Make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes in your sleep training journey! Mistake #1: Not preparing for (and being prepared for) the first night Sleep training is not a last minute decision. You really can’t decide at 5:30pm on […]

18 Ways to Help Your Child Burn Energy During the Day for a Better Night’s Sleep!

How do you help a toddler or preschooler burn extra energy and/or get enough physical activity to be able to sleep? And preferably not expending said energy running around the living room like a crazy person high on Pixie Stix? That’s a question many moms have when their kids are between 2-4 years and still […]

Better Sleep During Summer Heat

We’ve had some pretty hot and humid temperatures here in Chicago this summer and one of the questions I get most often this time of year is how to help make a better (cooler) sleep environment when it’s so hot outside! According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal sleeping temp is 65 F. I […]

4 reasons why (out of nowhere!) your child isn’t a great sleeper anymore!

You’re at a weekly baby and me class, sharing (gloating!) about how great your child’s sleep is – going to bed easily and for the past several weeks, sleeping through the night – and then a few days later… BAM!! Out of nowhere she’s waking up every few hours and crying for long periods of […]