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How Low Blue Light Products Can Improve Sleep

Does your child watch tv, play video games or play on the ipad in the evenings? Do you fall asleep watching tv or reading with one of those clip-on book lights? Do you have lots of overhead light on in the evening? Do you notice you (or you child) aren’t getting sleepy when you should […]

The Solution for 5 “Lovey” Problems

I recently was introduced to an interesting new product that can solve many of those problems you may have with loveys: worrying about safety with young babies leaving them behind – in restaurants, at the park, on airplanes daycares not allowing loveys in their cribs throwing the lovey out of the crib 52 times before […]

The Best Blackout Shades for a Nursery or Child’s Bedroom

Have you tried a few different window coverings to help block out that perimeter light and found that none of them actually do a good job? There are a ton of blackout shades on the market. Honeycombs, roll down shades, paper, fabric… The problem is, many do not block out the light around the edges […]

Every crib should have one of these!

Have you ever gone into the nursery and poked your baby while he was sleeping to see if he was breathing? Or have you perched precariously over your baby’s crib so your cheek was right over his mouth and you could feel those little breaths? Or maybe you decided to just hunker down and sleep […]

The Best Way to Keep a Preschooler from Getting Out of Bed

Does your 3 or 4 year old pop out of bed as soon as you leave the room at bedtime? Has it become a game to see how many times your child can get you to walk her back to her bed? Or is she up WAY too early, expecting you to be up too? […]

Baby Blueprint for Moms-to-be

  I was one of the first in my group of friends to get married…one of the first to have a baby…and seeing as my husband managed to get through his early adult life without ever holding an infant, I was pretty much on my own when it came to all things baby. I’m not […]

Deep Sleep Mask for Tired Parents

I recently met with a lovely family in Chicago who lived in the penthouse of a high-rise close to Michigan Avenue.  Their little one was having a very hard time falling asleep at bedtime, waking twice each night, and taking shorts naps. But the kicker was that she was up at 4:30am.  EVERY morning. When […]

Help For the Childproofing Nightmares

“I feel like my son is a caged lion,” lamented a tired mom I recently spoke with.  Hmmm.  How so? Apparently her little whippersnapper of a 2.5 year old is well-versed in hiding. And roaming around. In the middle of the night. She explained that he had been a crib jumper and because of the […]

HAPPYFAMILY Makes Healthy Eating Easier

Before embarking on this sleep consulting adventure, I wore many hats. One of them was writing a healthy living blog.  I had gotten rid of my asthma, solved my infertility problems and just gotten healthier by changing my diet, taking supplements and exercising, and I learned that many people wanted to know how I did […]