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How Can I Get My Baby to Take Longer Naps?

Do you spend a long time trying to get your baby down for a nap…and then it only lasts 20 minutes?! Is your baby cranky when he wakes up from his naps and you know he needs more sleep? Do you have a very specific routine you follow to get him down for naps? Maybe […]

5 Signs That Your Baby or Older Child is Getting Enough Sleep

Are you confused about how much sleep your baby should be getting? Wondering if your child is sleeping too much – or not enough? Here are 5 signs that your child is getting enough sleep: 1. Child falls asleep in an appropriate amount of time For babies, they should be transitioning from awake to asleep […]

6 Tips to Get Your Child Back on Track After Daylight Savings Ends in the Fall

I would like to go on record and say that I hate Daylight Savings. (And I don’t say that about too many things!) And it appears I’m not alone. There are forums with thousands of comments on the topic, trying to come up with an alternative, or just wanting it to go away! Parents are […]

The Solution for 5 “Lovey” Problems

I recently was introduced to an interesting new product that can solve many of those problems you may have with loveys: worrying about safety with young babies leaving them behind – in restaurants, at the park, on airplanes daycares not allowing loveys in their cribs throwing the lovey out of the crib 52 times before […]

6 Tips to Improve Naps at Daycare

I hear this scenario a lot: My baby got on a great nap schedule while I was on maternity leave. And then he started daycare. He’s off schedule, coming home crabby, and the few hours I get to spend with him after work are miserable. I can get him kind of back on track over […]

Baby Naps: 7 Bad Habits to Avoid!

Baby’s are smart. Sometimes we don’t give them enough credit or think they “get it” – but they learn fast! If you change up the routine and take away some of the work your child has to do to get to sleep (for example, rocking to sleep), all your baby needs to do is snuggle […]

Getting Ready for Baby #2? 5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Older Child

Preparing for baby #1 was all about taking prenatal classes, converting the guest room or office into a nursery, planning your schedule around the umpteen OB appointments and baby showers! The second (or third!) time around is a bit different. You know the baby care basics and other info from those classes, you try to […]

Coming Off Maternity Leave? 10 Tips to Ease the Transition Back to Work

I’ve found there are two types of working moms: 1. The moms who have a very hard time thinking about going back to work – they just want to spend their days with their new babies 2. The moms who can’t wait to get back to the routine of work and the job they love […]

Are White Noise Machines Sleep Props?

When I talk with parents about the relationship between healthy sleep skills and sleep props, I will inevitably get a question about white noise machines. In fact 5 moms have asked me this very question this week alone, so I figured it was an excellent topic for this Tuesday! As a refresher, a sleep prop […]