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Why is my child head banging and what can I do about it?

If you have a toddler, chances are you’ve witnessed the full body flailing that comes when they’re frustrated or enraged – over being told no, told it’s time to take a nap or even if you cut their grilled cheese sandwich in rectangles instead of triangles! It always amazes me that the littlest things – […]

Does your baby wake up as soon as you lay her down in the crib?

You spend so much time rocking or nursing your baby to sleep and very carefully, get up from the rocker and walk slowly to the crib only to have your baby wake up as soon as her body hits the mattress. Sooo frustrating, right? Now it’s back to square one. At this rate you’ll be […]

Does your toddler want to ditch the crib?

My son is an escape artist and won’t stop climbing out of his crib! My daughter refuses to fall asleep in her crib – she’ll cry for hours! – but if we bring her into our bed, she’ll sleep all night… I think we should transition her to a toddler bed, because I don’t know what […]

The key to getting your baby to like his crib…and actually sleep!

Does your house have toys EVERYWHERE?? I was recently at a consultation and managed to step on a puzzle, a matchbox car and 3 (sharp!) little legos before I had my coat off?! Now I’m not judging – when my kiddos were little, the family room was littered with stuff that never seemed to make […]

How to use white noise the right way

This post may contain affiliate links. Has this ever happened to you? Your fussy baby finally falls asleep for her afternoon nap, you sit down for a much needed moment to yourself and then you hear a car with a loud muffler driving slowly down your street? In an instant, your baby is wide awake. And mad because she […]

What to do when your baby gets sick…so you don’t start back at Square One!

Cold season is right around the corner, which means there will be people hacking at the grocery store and all sorts of germs will be brought home from preschool. Having a sick baby is no fun, especially if you’ve worked sooo hard on getting her on a great sleep schedule…and then it seems like you’re back […]

7 Things You DON’T Need in Your Toddler or Preschooler’s Bedtime Routine

When babies aren’t sleeping well, getting rid of sleep props, getting them on the right schedule and making sure they’re getting enough feeds is the foundation to getting everyone a good night’s sleep. With toddlers and preschoolers who haven’t yet learned strong, independent sleep skills, it’s a bit more involved. They’re pretty clever and are […]

5 Things Your Baby’s Room DOESN’T Need!

One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting families in their home and seeing their little one’s personality, the family dynamic, parenting style and the baby’s room – and wow, have I seen some straight-out-of-a-magazine SPECTACULAR nurseries!! In many cases, these pretty rooms are functional as well and we don’t need to change much […]

Why babies and toddlers wake up in the middle of the night

This morning I had a great chat with a very tired mom who wanted to know exactly why her older baby was up all night. It’s a legitimate question, especially when you’re all getting a lot less sleep than you should be getting! Her older child had been a dream sleeper and she was completely […]

What I’m doing is working…kind of!

Maybe you nurse to sleep or hold your baby on your shoulder while he naps and get an hour or two of sleep at a time. If your baby isn’t old enough to sleep through the night without feeds, these few hour chunks of sleep may work well for everyone… But as your baby gets older, and should be […]