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8 Tips for Moving With a Child

Driving the 8 blocks to my son’s school, I saw 7 FOR SALE signs (with most under contract!)…’tis the season for moving! So naturally I’m getting requests like these: HELP! We’re moving soon! How should we prepare our child(ren) and make sure the transition goes well?! [If you’ve ever moved, you understand the craziness that […]

6 Tips for Setting up a Safe and Healthy Nursery

I got this note today from a mom named Kate: When I was pregnant with my first baby, I’m embarrassed to admit I was more focused on how the nursery looked (color-coordinated, matching fabrics, etc.) than whether I was using the safest paint or taking the healthiest precautions with fumes, etc.. Baby #2 is due […]

Are Seasonal Allergies Affecting Your Child’s Sleep?

This allergy season is one of the WORST!  But if you or your child is suffering, every year is the worst! In the past, I would play catch up and try to head off symptoms as they come up…but this year, I decided to talk with others who might have some great proactive ideas I […]

Every crib should have one of these!

Have you ever gone into the nursery and poked your baby while he was sleeping to see if he was breathing? Or have you perched precariously over your baby’s crib so your cheek was right over his mouth and you could feel those little breaths? Or maybe you decided to just hunker down and sleep […]

Yikes! Why is my child all of a sudden waking up in the middle of the night?!

Is your little cutie all of a sudden waking up after months of sleeping peacefully? The first time it happened, did you sit straight up in bed like there was a fire alarm going off and start flapping your arms, waking your spouse, trying to find your glasses on the night stand to see what […]

6 Reasons Why Your Baby Wakes Up in the Middle of the Night

When my little guy was waking up several times a night (prior to sleep training, of course!), I would give stink eyes to anyone who looked like they had gotten a good night’s sleep.  I was a pretty happy person when I got sleep, but watch out if it had been a bad night! Let’s […]

3 Tips to Create a Dark Room for Sleep

I often get asked how dark a nursery or child’s bedroom needs to be for naps and overnight… I’m a big fan of a dark room for a couple of reasons: 1. When a room is more light during the day at nap time, it’s pretty distracting.  Light is naturally stimulating, so best to keep […]

5 Reasons Why Children Come Into the Parents Bed In the Middle of the Night

Children love to get kisses and hugs from parents. And parents love to cuddle back…But 3am is NOT the time to swap affection! Most parents want to put a stop to these middle of the night visits quickly because, let’s face it, it’s much harder to function without a good night sleep! But there may […]

The Best Way to Keep a Preschooler from Getting Out of Bed

Does your 3 or 4 year old pop out of bed as soon as you leave the room at bedtime? Has it become a game to see how many times your child can get you to walk her back to her bed? Or is she up WAY too early, expecting you to be up too? […]

Best Valentine’s Gift for Tired Moms and Dads

We all know that lack of sleep makes us a little snippy (or worse!) with our spouses… You want to be like this (having a relaxing day, enjoying the company of your spouse, smiling and laughing…clearly having enough energy for a shower and makeup!): …but lately it’s more like this (resentment from always being the […]