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Is your child afraid to go to bed?

You know it’s coming…the struggle of transitioning from playing in the living room to upstairs and starting the bedtime routine. Maybe your child refuses to go upstairs alone. Or wants to turn on all the lights in the hallway and bedrooms. Or wants you to look for boogy men in the closet and under the […]

Is your child ready to give up her nap?

Have your child’s naps become unpredictable? Maybe bedtime has become really challenging most nights… But then your son or daughter will crash HARD for a nap for 3+ hours and you think, “It can’t possibly be time to give up the nap!” (And you really like that quiet time you get in the afternoon!) I […]

How to enjoy summer parties…and not mess up your baby’s sleep!

Have you declined invitations and stayed home because you’re worried that a late afternoon or evening barbecue will completely throw off your baby’s schedule? Or do you bring your baby and let the cards fall where they may – knowing that the next day or two will be much harder sleep-wise? If your baby is […]

10-Question Sleep Training Quiz

You’ve gotten advice from everyone – and none of it is the same?! – but you know you have to do something to get rid of these bad sleep habits… In the last couple of weeks (months?), your baby’s sleep has spiraled out of control and it’s taking everything you’ve got to get through the […]

5 Tips to Make Short Naps LONGER!

Wondering how to get your baby to take longer naps? Want to know what’s causing those 20 minute power naps? (Although she isn’t seeming completely rested after that short nap, so it isn’t really a “power nap”!) Do you want to know how to fix these mini naps so your baby can get the rest […]

How to keep your baby awake in the car

Maybe this has happened to you… You’re rushing home from that last errand (or Gymboree or wherever), and you know you’re pushing the envelope stretching your baby’s awake time… When you glance in the rear view mirror, you see that slow blink and zoned out look. Uh oh. She’s trying to fall asleep! And if […]

7 strategies to get rid of your toddler’s pacifier

It’s time to get rid of the pacifier. And you’ve known for months that you need to bite the bullet and just do it…but you keep putting it off. Why? Because you think it’ll be too hard. (Crying, tantrums and sleepless nights!) You think you’ll cave and give it back to him. And then you’re […]

How to get rid of sleep props!

I recently spoke to a mom who asked, “Are sleep props really that bad? I mean, they’re kinda working right now…” In a word, yes! [Are you scratching your head wondering what a sleep prop is? It’s something external that your child feels she needs to have to be able to fall asleep – ie […]

How to make a bedtime routine chart work well for your child

You’ve had a busy day running around with your toddler or preschooler. And you’re pooped! You’re so ready for lights out…but it never seems like a fast or easy process. You need a bedtime routine chart! As long as your child can fall asleep on his own, then it’s just a matter of getting him […]

The Key to Successful Sleep Training

What factors influence whether or not sleep training is successful? What makes one mama’s sleep training experience so different from another – even when those two families have a pretty similar situations (babies who are the same age, weight and sex)? Why is this? In talking with moms who tried sleep training on their own, […]