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Is your child scared at bedtime?

Does your preschooler say she’s scared at bedtime? Is there a lot of back and forth reassuring there are no monsters in closets, perhaps even spraying “monster spray” to ward them off? Does bedtime take three times as long as it should because she’s stalling with one more drink of water, one more hug, etc? […]

Why Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping Through the Night

Before we answer the question of why your baby isn’t sleeping through the night, it’s important to determine if your baby is developmental READY to sleep through the night! Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get lots of different opinions. Over the past five years, many pediatricians I’ve worked with have had a general guideline […]

Is your baby a catnapper? 4 tips to extend short naps

One of the biggest issues parents have – besides getting their babies to fall asleep independently and stay asleep – is having short naps. I consider anything under an hour to be a short nap in most cases, but I see a lot of parents who have babies sleeping 20-30 minutes for each nap, and […]

7 tips to help sleep training and daycare work together

Sleep training a baby is hard. It’s a process that takes time, patience and encouragement from your support system! And that’s just when you’re sleep training in one environment – home. When you add daycare to the mix, all sorts of variables come into play, many of which are not really in your control. My […]

4 reasons why you need to ditch the pacifier before toddlerhood!

Have you ever pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store and realized you left the pacifier at your house? Is your child so attached that you drove home to get it – or just bought another one in the store!? Parents who use pacifiers feel a twinge of guilt the first time they […]

Does your child wake up at the crack of dawn?

Working with so many families, I often see trends on sleep issues little ones are having. October and March are with schedules transitioning with Daylight Savings, November/December/January and July/August I see a lot of kiddos who get off track with the holidays and travel, and May/June I see a lot of early risers. Three of […]

7 tips to help your child sleep better during allergy season

Is there a child in your house with a runny nose, itchy eyes and who is sneezing a ton? You know what that means…Allergy season is here. Ugh! My oldest has seasonal allergies and according to the pollen forecast, levels are ridiculously high in our area right now – which explains why he went through […]

Kid Approved Healthy Snacks and Treats

Wondering why this sleep consultant is writing about snacks?! I’ve talked with several nutritionists and pediatricians and they all agree that most kids aren’t get a varied diet (vitamin and mineral-wise) or right proportions of carbs, protein and good fats. And when a child (or adult!) isn’t getting proper nutrition, health is affected…including sleep! In the […]

Does your baby cry as soon as you walk into the nursery?

None of us wants to see one of our kids sad, upset or in pain. As parents, don’t we all do anything we can to try to ease their suffering and help them feel safe, happy and loved? I believe that’s where a lot of bad sleep habits can develop – in that space of […]

Are you ready to Spring Forward this weekend?

An hour of sleep seems so simple. But when it comes to the Spring time change, it’s anything but!  Author Stanley Coren states in his book, Sleep Thieves, that highway vehicle accidents increase by 7% after losing an hour in the Spring when we “spring forward.”  Yikes!  That just shows you the sleep debt we’re […]