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Looking for expert advice you can trust about your baby, toddler or child’s sleep?

Are you tired of being exhausted? Do you have trouble functioning the next day after a sleepless night? Do you envision how much more you would enjoy your child(ren) and be a better parent if you just got more sleep?

Whether your baby needs you to rock or feed him/her to sleep, wakes up several times each night, is up at the crack of dawn, or has trouble with short or erratic naps, I can help solve ALL of those problems for infants and children up through age 8.

Imagine how great you and your child will feel after a restful 12-hour night’s sleep! To get started, schedule a complimentary 15-minute telephone evaluation to tell me about your child’s current sleep problems and we can discuss different solutions that will get him or her sleeping well! Parents often see results within the first two weeks, and many times MUCH sooner!

To schedule a FREE 15-minute evaluation,call Kim Schaf at (847) 386-6285 or email. It’s time to bring sleep back into your house!