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10-Question Sleep Training Quiz

You’ve gotten advice from everyone – and none of it is the same?! – but you know you have to do something to get rid of these bad sleep habits…

In the last couple of weeks (months?), your baby’s sleep has spiraled out of control and it’s taking everything you’ve got to get through the day…

Maybe a family member has suggested that you should be able to figure this out yourself or you’ve thought, “I’m not sure it’s bad enough to hire a sleep consultant”

You’re at the point of needing to do SOMETHING, but you’re confused and don’t know WHAT you actually need!

If this sounds like you, pull out a pen and piece of paper and take this 10-Q quiz to find out if a sleep consultant would be a good move for your family! (Psst, many times you don’t need one!)

Sleep Training Quiz

1. I’ve read blogs and books, talked with my pediatrician and tried everything…
a. And nothing’s worked
b. I’m still in research mode
c. It worked like a charm!


2. I have to feed, rock, tickle his/her back or [fill in the blank] to get my child to fall asleep:
a. Yes! Every time he/she needs to go to sleep
b. Sometimes – especially if we’re on vacation, he/she has a cold or just got vaccines
c. Never


3. Your baby wakes up all night long, needing you to rock, feed or [fill in the blank] him/her to sleep (and even then sometimes it takes a long time to get your child back to sleep!):
a. Yes, every night – it’s completely exhausting! And it seems to be getting worse?!
b. Occasionally – usually after my baby gets vaccines or has a cold
c. Never


4. Naptime is really inconsistent – going down at different times of day for varying lengths of sleep:
a. Yup, there’s no consistent schedule for naptime – it’s making me c-r-a-z-y!
b. Sometimes, although I’m seeing some progress
c. Nope, my child is on a pretty consistent schedule


5. Have you driven in the car or taken ridiculously long walks with the stroller in hopes of getting a (cat)nap out of your child?
a.  How did you know? We do that almost every day!
b. I’ve had to do it a few times, but it’s certainly not the norm…
c. No, my baby always falls asleep in the crib


6. Are you co-sleeping – but it’s not working for you, your spouse or your child anymore?
a. Yup, my husband/wife has moved to the couch in the basement and I hardly sleep at all
b. We are still co-sleeping, and getting the sleep we need
c. Nope, baby never slept in our bed!


7. Have you cancelled social plans because you can’t imagine a babysitter getting your child to sleep?
a. Yes – I’d be completely embarrassed to explain our crazy “falling to sleep” process to anyone outside the family
b. Once or twice
c. No – we have weekly date night with no issues!


8. Are you just in survival mode, doing whatever it takes to get your child to sleep – even though you know you’re creating all sorts of bad habits?
a. Yes – I keep thinking tonight will be different, but isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result??
b. Most nights we’re getting enough sleep – I’m not too worried about it
c. No, I brag to my friends how well my child sleeps (they probably hate me!)


9. Do you think sleep training is a quick overnight fix?
a. No, I realize  these sleep problems have been developing for months (years!), so I’m expecting this to take a week or two
b. It might be – my child doesn’t really have sleep issues


10. Do you have information overload and just want someone to come in, tell you what the issues are and exactly how to fix them, with a written plan of your child’s ideal schedule, how to get him/her to sleep for bedtime and naps and how to eliminate night wakings?
a. That sounds exactly like what I need to get out of this rut – sign me up!
b. I’ve gotten some advice and I’m still trying to figure out what will work for us
c. Nope – I have everything I need to get my baby to sleep



Mostly A’s – 
You know your baby has sleep problems and that you’re feeding into these bad habits. You’re ready to get back to normal and not feel exhausted anymore! You’re done with the 3rd party advice…you want someone to come in and tell you exactly how to fix your baby’s sleep problems. Working with a sleep consultant would get you the results that you’re looking for!

Mostly B’s –
You’re still trying to get your ducks in a row and figure out what you’d like to do. You’re not completely exhausted or motivated to make any major changes at the moment. You’ll know when you’re ready, but right now, you don’t need to work with a sleep consultant!

Mostly C’s – 
Why are you taking this quiz?! Your baby’s probably taking a 3 hour nap – and since this is the norm, there isn’t any work or laundry to catch up on. Go relax and dig into that new novel…you don’t need a sleep consultant for this baby!


Kim Schaf gets sleep-deprived moms out of survival mode + back to TRULY enjoying motherhood by giving them a step-by-step plan to get their little ones sleeping through the night.  With her sense of humor and down-to-earth practical advice, Kim helps families worldwide get the rest they need. She’s the Founder of Sleep Training Solutions, a Founding Member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, and has a Masters of Teaching.

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