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Archives for March 2014

How to make a bedtime routine chart work well for your child

You’ve had a busy day running around with your toddler or preschooler. And you’re pooped! You’re so ready for lights out…but it never seems like a fast or easy process. You need a bedtime routine chart! As long as your child can fall asleep on his own, then it’s just a matter of getting him […]

The Key to Successful Sleep Training

What factors influence whether or not sleep training is successful? What makes one mama’s sleep training experience so different from another – even when those two families have a pretty similar situations (babies who are the same age, weight and sex)? Why is this? In talking with moms who tried sleep training on their own, […]

Enter to WIN some Great Baby Sleep Products!

Happy Sleep Awareness Week!! Perhaps not as exciting as National Donut Day or National Sock Monkey Day (seriously, there’s a day for everything!)… BUT to celebrate this week as the sleep geek that I am, I’ve set up 2 fun giveaways on Facebook! This week it’s for the parents of babies – a BonnBonn Baby […]