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Best Apps for Tracking and Promoting Baby Sleep

Want to know which apps are most user friendly to track and log sleep, diapers, and feeds?

Are you looking for an app for white noise – that actually sounds like a white noise machine?

Are you interested in learning some basic baby massage to add into the bedtime routine?

Are you looking for a video monitor app to use on vacation?best apps for baby sleep

Recently I’ve been asking parents for their recommendations (especially in the tracking and logs category) to see what works best. I wanted to know which apps they use on a daily basis and couldn’t live without!

And then I downloaded every white noise app myself (the FREE and low cost ones) to test the sounds for myself because I’ve found that “white noise” can vary drastically!

So here you go – the BEST apps according to real moms and dads:

There were 4 apps that came up consistently – 2 are free and 2 are paid.

Baby Sprout (FREE)

  • syncs across multiple devices – great to keep up communication between spouse, sitter/nanny and grandparents
  • tracks sleep, feeds, pumping, diapers, growth and immunizations
  • pediatrician visit planner
  • medication monitor
  • alerts for feeds, pumping and medicine administration
  • memories/scrapbook

FirstYear (FREE)

  • 19 areas to keep notes and track – in addition to the ones above, they also break out feedings by formula, and have pages for solid food, bath, sick signs, allergies and health questions
  • top menu has a quick reference estimated next feed, diaper change and sleep
  • can add multiple children (great for twins or triplets!)
  • syncs across multiple devices

Total Baby ($4.99)

  • tracking for sleep, diapers, nursing, bottles, pumping, solids, bath plus other non-ongoing events like medicine administration
  • has a “Night Mode” – a dimmer screen so you can log in the middle of the night without the harsh light
  • can add multiple children (great for twins or triplets!)
  • syncs across multiple devices
  • moms say this is a very easy to use APP

Baby Connect ($4.99)

  • similar tracking as the others sleep, diapers, nursing, bottles, pumping, solids, as well as mood, activities
  • growth chart with percentiles
  • ability to calculate percentiles for premature babies by birth date or due date
  • graphical and trending charts
  • syncs across multiple devices

White Noise
In doing the research for this post for the best white noise app, I heard some CRAZY wannabe white noise sounds.

There were melting rivers, mating whales, church bells, blizzard, tropical birds, fireplace crackling (wouldn’t that make you dream your house was burning down??) and my personal favorite (among all of these wacky options) – horse drawn wagon. Clip clop, clip clop.

But none of these are good for sleep. The point of a white noise machine is to block out distracting sounds, not make you focus on the strange things you’re hearing!

So do you want to know which one I like best?

Sound Sleeper!

This app has a FREE version that has limited options and a paid version ($3.99). The most authentic white noise sounds are the vaccuum cleaner and the fan. It also has shhh and hush sounds which I can see being quite useful for newborns.

The reason I would upgrade to the paid version is because you can have the sound on continuously (not shutting off after 30 minutes), you can set it up to turn on automatically when your baby starts crying in the middle of the night (so it has a listen mode – very cool concept, but be careful this doesn’t become a new sleep prop!) and it will track sleep.

Baby Massage
If you’re interested in incorporating massage into the bedtime routine, the Baby Massage 101 app ($9.99) is a great resource. It has 30 video tutorials to show you exactly how to massage baby from head to toe. Baby massage can help with colic, digestion, gas, immunity and development.

Baby Monitor
If you’re looking for a way to have an audio and video monitor for your baby’s sleep, Best Baby Monitor ($3.99) is a great option.

You’ll need one or two iOS devices (iphone, ipad, ipod) – one for your child’s room as the “child unit”  and one for your room. (If you only have one iOS device, you can set up alerts with Facetime or a call.)

Packing Lists
I work with lots of families who use daycares and out of the house childcare, and inevitably will forget to pack something baby will need that day.

Baby Pack & Go Packing List ($.99) is a great app to make sure you don’t leave anything important at home. It has an option to make lists for each type of “outing” (daycare, grandma’s house, vacations, playdate, etc) so you can customize each. Adding items to the list is easy with their checkbox feature. A great way to remember items your baby uses for sleep when on the go!


One last word (of caution!) –  make sure that your phone isn’t going to ring if it’s in your child’s room!

Also, many apps (white noise, monitor, etc) will not allow more than one app to run at a time, you keep that in mind!


Which app do you use every day for your baby and couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. My absolute favorite white noise app is White Noise HD:

    It’s by far the best white noise app out there. We use it consistently during nap time on an old iphone hooked up to some speakers. It’s so simple to use and does’t have a million different settings or confusing options, unlike all the other one’s I’ve tried. Plus, it’s free! Hope you find it as useful as we have.

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