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Archives for January 2014

Milestones and Your Baby’s Sleep

Does your baby ever roll over in the crib and get stuck in a corner? Have you watched your baby on the monitor get up on all fours or pull up to standing, only to get frustrated that he can’t get back down? Are you wondering why she keeps doing it if it seems to […]

Best Apps for Tracking and Promoting Baby Sleep

Want to know which apps are most user friendly to track and log sleep, diapers, and feeds? Are you looking for an app for white noise – that actually sounds like a white noise machine? Are you interested in learning some basic baby massage to add into the bedtime routine? Are you looking for a […]

New Year’s Resolution: Change Baby’s Bad Sleep Habits!

I love the first week of January. New year and LOTS of possibilities! And yes, it’s bitterly cold. As I write this it’s -23°F with the wind chill here in Chicago. But I get to talk with parents who are excited and READY for sleep! They knew they wanted to fix their child’s sleep problems […]