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How Low Blue Light Products Can Improve Sleep

Does your child watch tv, play video games or play on the ipad in the evenings?

Do you fall asleep watching tv or reading with one of those clip-on book lights?

Do you have lots of overhead light on in the evening?

Do you notice you (or you child) aren’t getting sleepy when you should be?

If you’re exposed to blue light from screens (tv, computer, tablet, phone) or light bulbs (lamps, reading lights, nightlights) in the evening when the melatonin is starting to develop in your body – which is the “sleepy hormone” – it’s going to suppress the melatonin production and delay you getting sleepy!

I don’t want to get all science-y on you, so here are the cliff notes on light:

  • light is made up of a spectrum of colors
  • the blue light in the spectrum is best for enhancing attention, mood, reaction times and making you feel more awake
  • because blue light is best for daytime, it works against your biological clock (circadian rhythm) if you are exposed to it at night
  • melatonin production increases when blue light is blocked
  • Several studies have been published on blue light and sleep and the adverse health effects, including this one from September 2013 about avoiding blue light and sleep

Blue light in the evening is the enemy! It’ll mess up when you feel sleepy and how long it takes to fall asleep.

But there’s a simple answer to fix this problem.

Low blue light products.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: was created by a group of scientists at John Carroll University, that together have 100 years of experience and more than 100 patents.

They’ve developed products for every blue light source, including:

1. Sleep Glasses
Does your child read in bed to get in the 20 minutes of reading homework (or maybe your child just loves to read!)?

Does your spouse get home late and you need to put on the tv for an older child while you put the baby to bed?

After the dishes are done and kids are in bed, do you crash in front of the tv or get some more work done on your computer until bed?

I’ll admit, these may not be the most fashionable, but they work. I’ve personally been using them for almost 2 years and I use them every night, especially if I’m on my laptop working late in the evening or reading in bed.  They are on my “don’t forget” list when I travel. They go everywhere with me.

I have the “Defenders” and because I wear contacts, I often put them on over my glasses in the evening and they fit fine. I’m not going to win any beauty contests, but that’s another story! (They do have “fitover” glasses too, just for people who will wear them with glasses, and I imagine they might work even better…)

If you put them on 1-3 hours before bedtime, they will block the blue light and help the melatonin develop in your body, so you get sleepy at bedtime.

There is a NOTE on the product that “these glasses may make you fatigued and it is not recommended to wear them while driving or operating machinery.”  Yes, definitely wear them for a few weeks when you won’t be driving at night and see how sensitive you are. I don’t get so sleepy that I just have to get into bed NOW, but every body is different.

They have adult and child sizes, with several different frames to choose from…

2. Night Lights
This is huge. How many of us have night lights in the bathroom for those middle of the night trips or to wash hands after changing a dirty diaper? Or night lights in your child’s room? Or a nightlight at the top of the stairs so you don’t trip on the way to the nursery for a night feed?

Instead of turning on the overhead light or having a bright nightlight in the bedroom affecting your melatonin, just plug one of these night lights in that have special low blue light bulbs.

These are a must have for anyone using a night light.

These are sold as a package – nightlight base and light bulb. You cannot purchase extra bulbs at this time (although if you contact the company directly, they may be able to offer them). And they are not recommended for use with dimmer switches. (Can’t imagine using that with a nightlight anyway!)

3. Light Bulbs
These are great for bedside lamps, nursery lamps, home office lights (if you stay up late to work) or any other place that you spend time in the evenings.

4. Reading Lights
Are you or your child reading before bed with a bright reading lamp or clip on light?

These are a must have if you’re reading at night!

Note: These were so popular that they are restocking and should have them available again in December 2013.

5. Screen Covers
Are you texting until you go the bed? Reading blogs on your ipad in bed? Watching the evening news in bed? Do you work on your laptop until bedtime and then find it’s hard to fall asleep?

Do you have a child or grandchild in college student who would rather put something directly on the screen than wear the sleep glasses?

This company also makes screen covers – specifically for your particular model – to cover a tv, tablet, phone or computer.

6. Flashlights
I worked with one family where the parents worked different shifts in a hospital – so dad was coming home late from work and needing to get ready for bed in the dark. He often used a bright flashlight so he could find the closet and not stub his toe! A low blue light flashlight would be perfect in this situation.

Does your child reading before bed with a bright reading lamp or clip on light? Kids love flashlights, and using one as a reading light would be pretty cool!

Got a puppy who’s getting up to go outside several times a night (kinds like having a newborn!)? You need one of these.

So now that I’ve got you all excited about these products, I’ve got a GIVEAWAY for you!


Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter the giveaway! This giveaway is open worldwide, except where prohibited.

This giveaway includes the following 6 products (not all products from photo above):

1. 1 pair adult sleep glasses (any style)
2. 1 25W bulb
3. 1 nightlight
4. 1 flashlight
5. 1 pair children’s glasses (any style)
6. tablet screen cover (specific to your model)

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This contest will end November 27, 2013 at 12:01 AM EST. The winner will be chosen through Rafflecopter via The winner will be announced on November 27, 2013 and the winner will have 48 hours to respond with name, mailing address and phone number PLUS style of adult glasses, style of children’s glasses and tablet model (ie ipad, acer, etc) desired. No purchase necessary to win.

Disclaimer:  I received some of these products from Low Blue Lights for free so that I could see if they were something my clients and followers would be interested in. When I evaluate products or services, I will write an honest review, whether the product was given to me or purchased. As always, please remember that I am not a medical professional and these are my opinions and should not be used as medical advice. Please consult with your physician before using new health products.

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