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Archives for November 2013

How Low Blue Light Products Can Improve Sleep

Does your child watch tv, play video games or play on the ipad in the evenings? Do you fall asleep watching tv or reading with one of those clip-on book lights? Do you have lots of overhead light on in the evening? Do you notice you (or you child) aren’t getting sleepy when you should […]

How to organize your child’s messy room!

The toys have taken over my daughter’s room … The room isn’t functioning properly for my child’s needs… There are LEGOS everywhere… I find dirty clothes in the strangest places… My child doesn’t like hanging out in her room because it’s so disorganized… It’s always just A MESS! Sound familiar? Maybe you have that icky […]

How Can I Get My Baby to Take Longer Naps?

Do you spend a long time trying to get your baby down for a nap…and then it only lasts 20 minutes?! Is your baby cranky when he wakes up from his naps and you know he needs more sleep? Do you have a very specific routine you follow to get him down for naps? Maybe […]