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The Solution for 5 “Lovey” Problems

I recently was introduced to an interesting new product that can solve many of those problems you may have with loveys:

  • worrying about safety with young babies
  • leaving them behind – in restaurants, at the park, on airplanes
  • daycares not allowing loveys in their cribs
  • throwing the lovey out of the crib 52 times before each nap
  • wanting to tote the lovey EVERYWHERE

What is this product that will do all of those things?

The Bitta Blankie. It’s so simple, but very clever.

The parents who make this product said it was developed “to offer a bit of comfort safely and effectively within the crib environment.”

In thinking about all of the situations I’ve come across over the years, I’ve come up with 5 where the Bitta Blankie will be particularly helpful:



1.For young babies
If your baby has outgrown the swaddle and is clearly looking for something to help with self-soothing, but is too young to have a stuffed animal or separate blanket, this is the perfect solution. No risk of suffocation because the blankie flaps aren’t long enough to cover the face.

2. At daycare
I have client families tell me that their daycares don’t allow loveys in the crib – but that their kids need something to self soothe.  The daycare is likely concerned about SIDS and/or with losing personal items, but with this product, the blankie is attached and isn’t long enough to cover the mouth or nose.  Having the lovey attached to the sleep clothes nips that problem in the bud.

3. While traveling
I’ve heard horror stories of leaving loveys all over the world – at the top of the Eiffel Tower to a plane on route to Hong Kong, and everywhere in between. Using this product for sleep in hotels, trains and for stroller naps will ensure that you don’t leave – or drop – his lovey and have to console him for the rest of your trip!

4. When loveys are attention-getters
Is your child in that phase of throwing the lovey out of the crib to get your attention? This post addresses that “game”, but switching to a Bitta Blankie will solve this problem!

5. When it’s a take-it-everywhere battle
Does your child want to tote his lovey in the car and stroller on all of your adventures? Using a Bitta Blanket would solve this problem too…When a child brings the lovey out of the house – even out of the bedroom – it will likely get dirty. And most parents don’t have a spare – at least a well-loved exact duplicate. Wearing the Bitta Blankie only at sleep times in the crib will keep everything nice and clean until the next sleep. Except if there’s a blowout diaper or your baby spits up…then you’ll need a spare Bitta Blankie :)


If your child is older and already attached to her lovey, you can use the Bitta Blankie in addition to her lovey – but she probably won’t appreciate using the Bitta Blankie exclusively. And in a situation where an older child has already attached to a lovey, there isn’t any need to make that switch! But making a new rule to keep her lovey in her bed wouldn’t be a bad idea…Instead, this product is perfect for new parents looking at options for self soothing ideas for their babies.

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for writing this post. I am always on the look out for new products that may help children sleep better and want to pass along the info to YOU!



  1. Hey Kim! Thanks so much for such a nice post. You’ve really touched on so much of what we love about Bitta Blankie and can’t wait to share with new parents everywhere! We really appreciate it.

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