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The Best Blackout Shades for a Nursery or Child’s Bedroom

Have you tried a few different window coverings to help block out that perimeter light and found that none of them actually do a good job?

There are a ton of blackout shades on the market. Honeycombs, roll down shades, paper, fabric…

The problem is, many do not block out the light around the edges of the shades!

How can they be blackout shades if they aren’t, in fact, making it DARK?!


Over the past year, I’ve been on a hunt. I ask every client if they’ve found something that works. I’ve talked to store owners in the business. I’ve done my own research with different shades in all of our bedrooms.

I’ve become a bit obsessed. I admit it!

But I’ve finally found a shade that does what it says it will – it COMPLETELY blocks out all light!

Why is this important?

Especially in the summertime when it’s lighter earlier and stays lighter past most children’s bedtimes, having a completely dark room will help your child to sleep in past the crack of dawn AND fall asleep in the evening.

So what is this fabulous product?

Blackout EZ Window Covers – they’re pure genius.

[And before we go any further, I want to let you know that I am NOT receiving any compensation for this writing this post – but I did receive a sample of these to test for myself. I only write honest reviews for products I would use and recommend because I believe they will be helpful to parents like YOU!]

Ok, back to the genius. These shades are made of a high quality material that you can cut to fit your window exactly and they use their special velcro tape (which won’t melt in the summer or crack and freeze in the winter). The result? A truly black out experience!

Here is an example of one of our OLD blackout shades in my son’s bedroom – from a well known company – taken near my son’s bedtime during the summer. I promise there isn’t a spotlight shining at his window from the outside!

Our OLD blackout shade

Our OLD blackout shade

Clearly not doing it’s job.

And here is the room with the Blackout EZ Shades…

I was going to post the picture – from a sunny afternoon at 2pm – but it was just black. BLACK. There was nothing to see! Definitely a huge improvement.

A few other features about this product that I like:

  • no cords – great for childproofing
  • standard AND custom sizes to fit any size window
  • the only tool you need to use is a scissor
  • you can use it WITH your existing window treatments
  • helps keep the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

So there you have it. There may be a better blackout shade on the market, but if there is, I haven’t found it yet.

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  1. These look perfect! We have a regular roller shade in our daughter’s room, which is OK but not great. And we actually have a super thick red fuzzy blanket that we clip to our curtain rod every night in our room, but it’s time to move on! I just haven’t been able to find something that actually works and that isn’t overly expensive. Thanks so much! :)

  2. I’ve seen the lengths that parents go to to make their kids’ rooms dark, so I was ecstatic to find these :) Hope they work well for you!

  3. Quick question… So how do you open them during the day for light?

    – Desperate mama

  4. Kim_Schaf says:

    They just attach with velcro, so easy to take off during the day :)


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