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Archives for August 2013

Are White Noise Machines Sleep Props?

When I talk with parents about the relationship between healthy sleep skills and sleep props, I will inevitably get a question about white noise machines. In fact 5 moms have asked me this very question this week alone, so I figured it was an excellent topic for this Tuesday! As a refresher, a sleep prop […]

6 Back to School Tips for Kids

It never fails. You’re enjoying picnics and vacations and lots of melty popsicles during the lazy days of August…     And then BAM! You realize that all of your child’s pants are too short, last Spring’s cleats are too small and there is a large Target cart full of school supplies with your name […]

The Best Blackout Shades for a Nursery or Child’s Bedroom

Have you tried a few different window coverings to help block out that perimeter light and found that none of them actually do a good job? There are a ton of blackout shades on the market. Honeycombs, roll down shades, paper, fabric… The problem is, many do not block out the light around the edges […]