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Archives for June 2013

5 Tips to Get Your Child on a Healthier Diet

I recently spoke with a mom who said, “I know his diet [her son is 4 years old] is a major contributor to his sleep problems and behavior issues…he never drinks water [only soda and sports drinks] and is a big fan of “white” foods, but he’ll go on a food strike if I try […]

Moving From a Crib to a Big Bed?

“When should I move my child out of the crib and into a big bed?” is THE most often question I get from parents of 2 year olds. Today I’ve talked to moms in California and North Carolina on this very subject! Here’s what I told them: moving too soon will typically result in a […]

6 Tips for Traveling with Kids

It’s easy to throw the routine and schedule out the window when you’re on vacation. You want to experience everything, and that means you can’t be tethered to the hotel room or condo for naps and a reasonable bedtime… I get it! But here’s the thing… If you help your child stay on track while […]

8 Tips for Moving With a Child

Driving the 8 blocks to my son’s school, I saw 7 FOR SALE signs (with most under contract!)…’tis the season for moving! So naturally I’m getting requests like these: HELP! We’re moving soon! How should we prepare our child(ren) and make sure the transition goes well?! [If you’ve ever moved, you understand the craziness that […]