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Archives for May 2013

6 Tips for Setting up a Safe and Healthy Nursery

I got this note today from a mom named Kate: When I was pregnant with my first baby, I’m embarrassed to admit I was more focused on how the nursery looked (color-coordinated, matching fabrics, etc.) than whether I was using the safest paint or taking the healthiest precautions with fumes, etc.. Baby #2 is due […]

Are Seasonal Allergies Affecting Your Child’s Sleep?

This allergy season is one of the WORST!  But if you or your child is suffering, every year is the worst! In the past, I would play catch up and try to head off symptoms as they come up…but this year, I decided to talk with others who might have some great proactive ideas I […]

Every crib should have one of these!

Have you ever gone into the nursery and poked your baby while he was sleeping to see if he was breathing? Or have you perched precariously over your baby’s crib so your cheek was right over his mouth and you could feel those little breaths? Or maybe you decided to just hunker down and sleep […]