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Sleep Training Solutions Holds a “Pajama Program” Drive in December

The holidays are upon us!  Well, if you consider that Target started running Christmas commercials before Halloween, it would appear that we have 12 weeks of Christmas, instead of 12 Days…….

Every December I get so excited…decorating the house, planning holidays meals and treats, focusing on the traditions we have and remembering the true meaning of the season.

This year I’m starting a new tradition.

Every December I will be choosing a charity to support, apart from our personal donations throughout the year, that focuses on helping children.

This year, I’ve chosen the Pajama Program.

“So many children are without warm bedtime clothing and education so we developed a creative program to provide some of both,” said Genevieve Piturro, Founder and Executive Director of the Pajama Program. “We intend to make a difference – giving back is what it’s all about.” The receiving organizations of the pajamas and books are shelters, group homes, and temporary housing situations and help children, many of whom have been abandoned, abused or neglected.

If you’ve ever heard one of my presentations on sleep or read any of my sleep tips, you know how I feel about bedtime routines.  Getting cozy, feeling the love from mom or dad (or grandma or another caregiver) as they get read a bedtime story or two…it’s SO important!  That’s why I think the Pajama Program is such a wonderful organization. They’re helping to bring new pajamas and new books to children who wouldn’t normally have access to these basic needs.

So this year, for every family that purchases a Sleep Solution Package from December 1-21st, a donation of new pajamas and books will be made to the Pajama Program.

One mom I spoke to yesterday told me, “I’ve been looking at your site, particularly the success stories, every night at 3am when my little guy has woken up for the umpteenth time and I get so encouraged…but when I saw the announcement about the Pajama Program, I finally decided to do it. It’s time to fix our issues, and if we can help another little boy or girl at the same time…well, that’s even better!”

So if you’ve been wavering, maybe this is the time for you to give me a call! (Don’t forget that I offer a free 15-minute call to discuss your child’s sleep issues…)

The Pajama Program is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, founded in 2001, and currently has 63 chapters in 40 states.

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