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Baby Blueprint for Moms-to-be


I was one of the first in my group of friends to get married…one of the first to have a baby…and seeing as my husband managed to get through his early adult life without ever holding an infant, I was pretty much on my own when it came to all things baby.

I’m not saying he wasn’t a great help once our son was born, getting up in the middle of the night for a feed or changing a diaper when I was taking a catnap, but (and he’ll freely admit this) he was clearly clueless on baby registries and 1st birthday parties. (I felt some clarification was needed so I don’t end up regretting this post later!)

So I schlepped my big belly (my son was 10.5 lbs, so I was HUGE!) all over town registering and attending prenatal classes, buying things for the nursery, and frequently wondering if I was missing something extremely important.  Plus I was in graduate school at the time, and we decided to renovate our kitchen in my last trimester too.  I know, slightly crazy…

I would’ve handed over my daily scoop of mint chocolate to have someone do it for me.

Literally sign me up and tell me where to go.

Remind me of things I needed to prepare ahead of time and what to pack in that “hospital suitcase”.  (I didn’t use a duffel bag or even one of those carry-ons that fit in the overhead bin…I packed in the 3 Week European Adventurer series suitcase and could have stayed in the hospital for months without doing laundry or visiting the gift shop… I clearly could have used some guidance on that, but I digress.)

But there IS someone to do it for you?!  Drum roll please……….

Baby Blueprint, maternity concierge, chicago, sleep trainingI was recently introduced to Baby Blueprint, which is a comprehensive maternity concierge service catering to sophisticated parents-to-be in the Chicagoland area.  As they say on their site, “We are here to guide you through the wonderful, and often overwhelming, process of becoming a parent.”  THEY do it for you!

The founders of Baby Blueprint, Wallis Larson and Gina Koertner, are two moms who get it and the products and services they recommend are ones they would use themselves.

They know what pregnant moms need and want, and are more than happy to help plan, sort, organize, etc.  I love what they wrote on their site about why they started this business.   They have already waded through the information on the must-have baby products and helpful services so now you don’t have to!

Interested yet???

Here are some of the services Baby Blueprint offers:

1. Helping you create the perfect registry

  • create a personalized registry check-list
  • help you select which vendors fit your personal style and needs
  • accompany you when you go register
  • handle product returns and exchanges as needed

2. Planning events–from baby shower to first birthday party!

  • helping you select and design your invitation
  • find your venue
  • choose a theme
  • plan your menu or select a caterer
  • help you set-up on the day of your event

3. Setting up the nursery

  • floor plans
  • furniture selections
  • material and paint selections
  • product and merchandise purchases
  • final design implementation

4. Blueprint

  • combines the benefits of the nursery, registry and event services with the overall management of your pregnancy
  • provides a month-by-month checklist of appointments and projects, working backwards from your due date

5. Service referrals–they’ve scoped out the best providers pregnant and new moms need to ensure you have a great experience and a quality product, including:

  • photographers
  • nanny services
  • personal organizers
  • and, of course, sleep expertise!

“We believe every pregnancy is unique. We customize every service we provide with individualized proposals. We keep our client list small to ensure we provide top notch service to each of our clients,” Wallis explained to me last week. “And it doesn’t stop at delivery. We help clients adjust to new parenthood – staying with many of them through the 1st birthday!”

This is a fantastic company, and if you are pregnant and feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all, give Wallis or Gina a call.  To make this even sweeter, Baby Blueprint is offering 10% off of services when you mention Sleep Training Solutions!  Simply call 312-505-8067 or email to set up a consultation.  And look for future announcements about exclusive prenatal/newborn workshops on infant sleep!

Disclaimer: I am not getting compensated by Baby Blueprint for this post, but Sleep Training Solutions is partnering with Baby Blueprint to offer clients expanded resources.  In the end, I just love sharing information about great companies that help parents (and parents-to-be!) make great choices!

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