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Product Recall Information for Baby and Children Products

Today, 4 million Bumbo baby seats are being voluntarily recalled due to potential fall hazard.  If you have a Bumbo, here is a link to see if your baby seat is affected by the recall. If it is, they will send you a restraint belt and a new warning sticker to affix over the old sticker.

Every time I hear about product recalls, I wonder what other products in my home might not be safe.  I don’t like surprises, especially when safety is concerned, so I signed up for the recall notification by the CPSC (see below). There are always resource sites if you want to look up a specific product or see all recalls by year.

For future reference and the latest recall information, here are a few websites to check out:

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Not specific to baby products but has very current information. You can also sign up for email notifications specific to infant/child products here

Safe Kids USA 
Search by year for baby/kid products

Babycenter Product Recall Center
Search by category, year or specific product

Stay safe!



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